Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wreck this Journal, second installment :)

As promised :) I’ve only done a few more pages of this for now, but am carrying on and making slow progress (after my sister’s friend wrecked it without my permission, hmph)

IMG_9213 Creased front paaageIMG_9214 IMG_9215  The ‘make your own paper aeroplane’ page attached to the back page with a piece of ribbon :)IMG_9217 I redid this page cause I wasn’t happy with it, so lots of clarinet reeds, christmas cards, ribbon and 20p’s.IMG_9218 I put this zentangle on thinking that sewing would be easy – on paper it really, really isn’t, so i ripped off the pattern i’d glued on (which took half the paper with it) and made a nice simple heart! IMG_9219 Strips with sellotape (cause it was a ‘glue this page together’ as well)IMG_9220 But i’d already glued the page so it went through to the draw a line page, oops IMG_9221 You can’t see the hot chocolate as much as i wanted, it was nicely patterned when I did it, the dog keeps trying to eat the biscuit though.. IMG_9222 IMG_9223 And finally, side views!

Does anyone else have one? Blog about it and share in comments :)


  1. I want one! hurrumph to your sisters friend, did you hit her over the head with it? That must be one of the pages, surely?

  2. I have one :) Good idea for a blog post! Your's looks cool!!