Thursday, 24 June 2010


Well as of Monday the 20th (longest day AND summer solstice) it's officially summer! Where I live we're already in an ''official drought'' and they're planning on banning hose pipes and such ;) Oh joy!

A post about post!

But yes I've been having lots of post and one thing i have noticed is in every letter that I receive it mentions: Maf, Pigs and Amusingly rude (LAUREN) things that noone else would be able to figure out ;)
I lovee getting post and sending it because it just makes you happy seeing a letter addressed to you and then pegging it up to your room and sticking it on your wall forever ;) No... that's just me?! Most people put letters in boxes but I think they should be stuck up for all to see just because they're so...happifying?!

Also listsssss, I would actually be lost without my lists ;) Am i the only one who hates the phrase ''to do''? I put ''DO THIS OR ELSE'' usually ;) Although I do currently have one that says to do on my wall, i just think that phrase sounds all stressy!

I especially like the list that I posted above it's so cute! But also so true.

So do go and run down the street in the rain, or send someone that you haven't seen in a while a random card before it's too late!


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Why Libbys awesome

Inspired by Libby herself ;)

1. She spends insane amounts on trollbeads, and will in fact herself end up bankrupt by the time shes 24 if she carries on the way she's going.

2. She has a strange obsession with people's bottoms ~ Which is amusing.

3. She thinks i'm a robot

4. She sends AMAZING birthday presents full of piggyness ;)

5. She puts up with my piggydance :')

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A blueberry, a strawberry and a...greenberry?

Nearly reached my target for phone fund! Going to get the cheapest blackberry i'm thinkingg, yaay can't wait!

will edit this post later as im tired tired

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


So apparently, when I have my hair straightened, I look like Willy Wonka. And apparently, when my hair is naturally curly - I look like Mika. It's a bit of a no win situation, right?

Although i really do wish that I had a pair of those glasses, they're plain awesome :') Plus at the moment i could actually do with them the sun is killing my eyesss.

Rattles my Ribcage

Don't drink on duty

Special shout out to Jezz who i love nearly as much as i love willy wonka hair ;)


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The point of a run...

I'm sure that you would say a rabbit for the rabbit to run. Not however, in Snoopy's case. All day since we put him in he has slept occasionally waking up for a bit of a sniff about or a glug of water.

Even when the dog went up and lay right next to him he didn't flinch, too brave for his own good!

Today was a busy day with French and Geography. How i love working out the Contrasts between images in the northwest ;)

Rattles my Ribcage
Why the muff is Flash scared of my hands? Oh and never wake me up by texting me rubbishness - not recommended.

Anyway only a short post today cause i'm really tiredd,


Monday, 14 June 2010


I love bouncing :') This was me yesterday, although, I'm beginning to regret doing this seeing as I haven't got out of bed since...! Everyone i've told has kind of looked at me as if to say ''why the muff did you do that?!"
To be honest I don't blame them ~ Silly silly R.

Although for that one short minute whilst i was on it I felt ALIVEEE, cliché I know but i was bouncying and it was fabulous, and I looked HOT.

Seriously, you couldn't get within one metre of me without being scorched ;) Also the photo is of me being all hunched over with a walking stick because i'm actually getting all humpy (HAHAHA) at the moment, SIT UP STRAAAAIGHT

anyway yesssss,
Rattles my Ribcage;

People who give up before they've even tried to give something a chance

R x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

These are just some of my favourite things...

Daisies and Buttercups and Sugary goodness.

I'm wondering whether to make this one of those really deep blogs that only feature pictures and sweet things ;)
Knowing me though it'll turn into some diary of stupid things that i've done on the day, due to having too much SUGAR. I actually think sugar cubes are really cute :') I don't know whether that's just me being slightly weird but yeah, just the way they crumble and crush in your fingertips. Who'd have thought you could get so deep over a sugarcube?!

It's the Boothstown wobble tomorrow, so lots of people are going to be wobbling around town ;) Rather amusing to watch... I'm planning on eating lots of hotdogs and burgers and icecream whilst laughing at them all dripping with sweat heuhee ;)

Rattles my Ribcage
Also, I think the World Cup is overrated. Seriously, the amount of useless stuff they sell, just because it has a certain flag on it is ridiculous.