Saturday, 16 April 2011

7 Positive Things about this week


Long time no post! My best friend Jaz (beingjaz.blogspot) created an idea for blogging, write about 7 positive things that have happened in the recent past, so here we are.  I’m going to add pictures too :)


1. I have had a lovely week with my family in North Yorkshire, and the weather was really nice too :) IMG_9766

2. I have rediscovered my love for flat caps.


3. I’ve redone my poster for MEAW :) Which will hopefully have a good circuit around facebook like last year!


4. I have some really, really amazing friends.  You know who you are, and i love you <3

5. Getting back in my own bed <3 admittedly, i’d prefer if it was only for the night and not all day through too, but yay. (mass pillows to support me sitting up!)


6. This song.

7. Seeing Flash again, it’s funny how attached you can get to such a slobbery beast! He’s kept me company all day :)


8.   The paper swap that the lovely La Wendula has set up :) Swapping with a really nice lady called Beth :) (

9. My bunnies :)


10. Tea! teateateateatea. teaaaa.

Another note for M.E awareness, my amazingly amazing friend Chlay has a charity single out :)

One month to go and we're getting ready for M.E awareness week. The lovely Chlay is very generously using her song, Silently, to raise funds and awareness to the cause.
It's a beautiful track, with a unique vocal style that hopefully a lot of you will enjoy!
Posters are being put up worldwide, so if you fancy doing your bit, download the track or even print off this poster and stick it up where people will see it.

(bigger image here)

Hope everyone’s doing okay :)



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