Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Oh so sleepy...

Cute overload ahead, so yes i'm so superly~sleepy~painy today, tbh i couldn't really be bothered to a blogpost for my grand total of readers - none! In the end i got so sick of my own moping i decided i better do something. and i've had to cancel my friend coming tomorrow :[ Hopefully i'll see her soon though ;D
Also the whole house stinks of fish, how i hate fish.

Anyway off i pop *mope mope mope* Have a nice time looking at my sleepy photos also the last 2 photos should lead on nicely to my next post that i've got planned

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chlays clone

I have to admit i'm getting pretty rubbish at writing things on this blog. Chlay said i should be called Chlays clone from now on ;) So that is what i shall be - hi everyone, I'M CHLAYS CLONEE, that automatically makes me pretty ;)

It's my Gran and Grandpas wedding anniversary family meal tomorrow, is it bad i'm looking forward for it to finish so that I can suck the helium out of the balloon? Yes, i hear you cry - it is. Oh and there's cake. My god it looks good ;) Can't wait to get my teeth into it! Haa i'm such a bad grand daughter. However, I did help him do some gardening the other day. My Gran is so excited, she totally loves her outfit i've never seen her so excited :') It's cutee

Anyway photos today are on the theme of swings - flying free, being able to do anything you want whatever situation you're in...

Lots of love xx

Friday, 16 July 2010

Thursday, 15 July 2010

walking into the sunset...

Helloo everyone! How are you all doing?

We haven't really been doing much (well apart from breaking down in the car ;) ) but I did get a lovely bag for £2.50 baaargain! a playsuit which is lush and some pj bottoms, fun fun!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


LOVE this hairstyle *wanttt*
creepy mask k;)

feel like this sometimes
I want this panda outfit! Mattea should also have it ;)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


so cute...

just wanna do this...

read a reallly good boooook
exploree in the woods
go for a swiiiiiim at night

swing freeeeee

go for a runnnn
bounce bounceee with a little kitty cat, or a doggy, or a bunnyy

love love xx

waterrr and magic...

This looks so fun

Absurditiesss yay ;)

trilby + bike = <3!

Dandelions are kind of magicallll

This is so cute ;')

Get a bad photo + vintage effect = no longer a fail

Anybody doing anything worth talking about? I want comments!

Monday, 12 July 2010

People i like...

Rosie approved blogs;

Mixtures of pretty photography, funny photos, crafting, baking, beauty and living life with a chronic illness.

Oooh and I should be doing a guest post on Chlay so watch out for that!

R xx


Want to jump on one of theseeeee and go somewhere nice and hot :]

This is so meeee ;) I wish i could just go out aloneee and run wild with my camera

I'm totally loving wavesssss, seeing as it's summer and all that ;)

I've been trying to work out what this is representing? Do any of you have ideas?

this is coool

r xx