Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Eggless chocolate chip cookies

So me being me, gets ready to put all of the ingredients together to make cupcakes..and then i realized that we didn't have any eggs...

So off i went to google ''eggless recipes'' ;) I clicked on the first thing that popped up, studentrecipes.com and it looked pretty legit so I started baking!

This is the recipe that I used;


12oz Self Raising Flour
8oz Soft Margarine
8oz Caster Sugar
2oz Dark Chocolate Drops (or anything else you fancy putting in; smarties, white chocolate drops, raisins etc.)


1 - Mix the ingerdients together in a big bowl, use your hands to knead the dough, it shouldn't be at all crumbly, so add a little more margarine if it is.
2 - Take a small ball of dough, about the size of 1 and a half ping pong balls and squeeze it so it's a circle about 1.5cm thick
(oops didn't read this bit ;) )

3 - Place on a greased tray.
You can make between 16 - 22 cookies, so use 2 trays.
4 - Cook in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 15 mins.
(note from me, it actually took longer than this to bake, but i did do them really quite big, as you can/will be able to see from the picture!)
5 - Eat them while they're hot! Taste magic with a glass of milk :)

They smell and look amazing (i haven't taken them out of the oven yet ;) waiting for them to be done!) but mine look like they're going to come out really big ~ both thickness and length wise, man do they look good! (okay i didn't take very flattering photos..but they tasted good!)


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