Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Been so long..

Sorry I haven't posted for so long, i've been swapping and changing between being ill/mopey/down south! Hope my oh so very few readers are all okay!

images from yay!everday

Also, did you know that fire ants make rafts out of themselves...
They all swim along happily ;) And the queen ant sits on the top and acts like a queen ;) When they have eggs and stuff they just do what they would do on land which is pretty cool and some more stuff ;) But then the nasty fishes come to eat them off the bottom and they all die. well not all of them but hey ;)

End of ant takeover, as this ant thing was just to inspire David (http://arkangelus-thescenicroute.blogspot.com/) go visittt his wonderfully amazing blog ;)

Rosie xx

ps donald duck's middle name is Fauntleroy


  1. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!! It really made my week! :) I'm doing a giveaway this week so make sure you take part! xxx

  2. Good :) And i will! Sounds good :) xx