Saturday, 12 June 2010

These are just some of my favourite things...

Daisies and Buttercups and Sugary goodness.

I'm wondering whether to make this one of those really deep blogs that only feature pictures and sweet things ;)
Knowing me though it'll turn into some diary of stupid things that i've done on the day, due to having too much SUGAR. I actually think sugar cubes are really cute :') I don't know whether that's just me being slightly weird but yeah, just the way they crumble and crush in your fingertips. Who'd have thought you could get so deep over a sugarcube?!

It's the Boothstown wobble tomorrow, so lots of people are going to be wobbling around town ;) Rather amusing to watch... I'm planning on eating lots of hotdogs and burgers and icecream whilst laughing at them all dripping with sweat heuhee ;)

Rattles my Ribcage
Also, I think the World Cup is overrated. Seriously, the amount of useless stuff they sell, just because it has a certain flag on it is ridiculous.

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