Thursday, 24 June 2010

A post about post!

But yes I've been having lots of post and one thing i have noticed is in every letter that I receive it mentions: Maf, Pigs and Amusingly rude (LAUREN) things that noone else would be able to figure out ;)
I lovee getting post and sending it because it just makes you happy seeing a letter addressed to you and then pegging it up to your room and sticking it on your wall forever ;) No... that's just me?! Most people put letters in boxes but I think they should be stuck up for all to see just because they're so...happifying?!

Also listsssss, I would actually be lost without my lists ;) Am i the only one who hates the phrase ''to do''? I put ''DO THIS OR ELSE'' usually ;) Although I do currently have one that says to do on my wall, i just think that phrase sounds all stressy!

I especially like the list that I posted above it's so cute! But also so true.

So do go and run down the street in the rain, or send someone that you haven't seen in a while a random card before it's too late!



  1. Do you really put my post on the wall? :|

  2. Ahh Rosie i do love your blog! :') I love getting post too...though i dont get any very often, and then when i do its boring bank details or something!!!