Monday, 14 June 2010


I love bouncing :') This was me yesterday, although, I'm beginning to regret doing this seeing as I haven't got out of bed since...! Everyone i've told has kind of looked at me as if to say ''why the muff did you do that?!"
To be honest I don't blame them ~ Silly silly R.

Although for that one short minute whilst i was on it I felt ALIVEEE, cliché I know but i was bouncying and it was fabulous, and I looked HOT.

Seriously, you couldn't get within one metre of me without being scorched ;) Also the photo is of me being all hunched over with a walking stick because i'm actually getting all humpy (HAHAHA) at the moment, SIT UP STRAAAAIGHT

anyway yesssss,
Rattles my Ribcage;

People who give up before they've even tried to give something a chance

R x

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  1. Haahahahaa omg you posted the cool picture (H)