Monday, 20 December 2010

handmade stuff and personalish post :)


For these photos please note that I was at that stage of tidying up where it’s worse than it started with, I apologise profusely ;)

DSCN3131DSCN3132 (and the fact my dress is severely wonky, but it’s all good ;) )


This is a mirror I painteddddd :) It reads ‘you’re beautiful in everyway <3 ‘ so when you look in and see yourself you automatically read that :)

I’ve also been making a pom pom scarf (along with my Grampy!) as we saw one in Accessorise for £22 and thought we’d make one to prove a point! And it’s nice and wonky as it’s homemade, just like moi ;) It isn’t fully done or sewn up yet, but  here it is!;


It’s meant to be sort of, autumnal colours? I’m not sure if we succeeded ;)

I didn’t make this but my Chlaybay did for me :) I really want to be able to make pretty things like this!


Nighty night from a sleepy roro xxxxxx

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