Thursday, 16 December 2010



Seeing as I haven’t posted for so long, I thought i’d do a little one about Christmas, seeing as it is the festive season blah la! 
I do like this time though school wise as everything just lays down a bit and you can just chill and have a nice time ! On the other hand, getting gifts isn’t so fun when you’re a bit brain dead like moiiiiiiii!

AYME party xmas 2010 097

Me, Liam and Jess at the AYME meetup :)



This year we got a real Christmas tree :) It smells so niceee, and we’ve now decorated it so is tres pretty :] It’s red and gold themed with a nice fairy on the top ;)  We dangled left over candy canes on it, nom nom nom!

IMG_8603This is our preddy mantelpiece , that is traditionally my little christmas project! The top row is basically candles and a bell ;)




I reaaaaaaaally want a knitted jumper/dress for Christmas day :)

I hope everyone is okay, let me know what you want posts about as i’m really unmotivated atm. 


Loove x


  1. Oh rosie i do love that you are wearing a christmas bag. :) bahahahaha!
    (it's Suzanne incase your wondering ;) )

  2. hahaha I love the label ;) You look very present like in the first photo! Had you told me you wanted a knitted jumper/dress for Christmas I would have made you one!!!! That's not too hard a pattern to steal either ;) There's always your birthday?