Saturday, 11 September 2010

Post Pals ~ Jaz L + Jess L

Please please if you can, send some post to the lovely Jaz L [click] as she's been moved to end of life care at a hospice, she's only 9 years old :( As you can imagine her sister Jess is also struggling so post to her as well, i'm sure would be appreciated.

Jaz L's Interests
Making things arts/crafts, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Hello Kitty, singing and dancing.
Jessenia 21/07/2006 Pepper pig, Dora the explorer, Cbeebies.

From Jaz's Mum; Thank you for all that you [postpals] have done for my children and my friends children and so many..... As you will have read i will stay here at acorns now untill jazmine passes so could any post he sent to acorns. Also with an emphasis on jess who is struggling ..... Thank you.

So much love and thanks

So can you help? Even just a little postcard could make things a tiny bit easier. x

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  1. Rosiepants I've already sent a card, really cool for posting about this on your blog :)