Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Being Jasmines Crafts

Hello everyone,

You might realise that Rosie isn’t writing this post, and if you don’t then you don’t pay much attention. I am definitely not Rosie, I don’t run a blog with a name so friendly and I don’t paint awesome post cards. I realise that I’m sounding like a let down already!

If you’re wondering what I’ve got to do with Rosie, I’ll explain. I’m Jaz and I’m 13, I run where you can see Rosies awesome guest post along with lots of other arty crafty things. I also run a more sarcastic blog Rosie and I are best friends - that explains why we’re posting on each others blogs - she’s probably just as odd and as sarcastic as I am, I reckon it’s one of the reasons we get along so well, Rosie, didn’t tell me which style she’d like me to write from, so I decided both! Which is why the title is BeingJasminesCrafts, instead of just one.

If you havn’t guessed already, I’m very much into arts and crafts. I’m addicted to knitting, a teenage knitter I know, I’ve heard all the jokes that mostly come from Rosie. I like painting leggings, attacking boring clothes with paint and I’m addicted to glitter. And that’s what JasminesCrafts is all about, random creations and knitted projects.

BeingJaz on the other hand, isn’t. In fact it’s got very little to do with photos of hats and scarves I’ve made because I couldn’t face posting photos on two blogs. I hate bloggers photo uploader. I admire Rosie for running a photo based blog, I really do! With the time it takes to upload one photo, I could have made a cup of tea!

So now, in true sugar and buttercup style I’ll leave you with a photo (and shall go make a cup of tea)

Because pie, is important.


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