Thursday, 14 October 2010

The weather is good.

The weather outside is always good. If it is sunny, everyone usually enjoys it, but you can learn to find the positive side of other types of weather as well. If it is raining, the air will be fresh afterwards and all the trees and plants will grow better. If it is cold, you don’t have to sweat and you can wear all the nice winter clothes you have. If it is snowing, you can enjoy how everything around you looks beautiful and white. So you can decide today that the weather is good no matter what.


I think this is such a good way of looking at things, a bit like weather cbt ;) Personally, I like Spring and Autumn the best, as it isn't too hot - yet isn't too cold (I write this wrapped up in my blanky!) Autumn you can crunch and have fun in all the leaves, Spring the trees and flowers are all blooming. I love the crispness of it all. This morning when I opened the door I could see the air from my breath, it gave me a nice feeling inside ;)

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