Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chlays clone

I have to admit i'm getting pretty rubbish at writing things on this blog. Chlay said i should be called Chlays clone from now on ;) So that is what i shall be - hi everyone, I'M CHLAYS CLONEE, that automatically makes me pretty ;)

It's my Gran and Grandpas wedding anniversary family meal tomorrow, is it bad i'm looking forward for it to finish so that I can suck the helium out of the balloon? Yes, i hear you cry - it is. Oh and there's cake. My god it looks good ;) Can't wait to get my teeth into it! Haa i'm such a bad grand daughter. However, I did help him do some gardening the other day. My Gran is so excited, she totally loves her outfit i've never seen her so excited :') It's cutee

Anyway photos today are on the theme of swings - flying free, being able to do anything you want whatever situation you're in...

Lots of love xx

1 comment:

  1. Shouldn't you be Chlay's Chlone?

    Also, Pink was on a big swingy thing. She fell down. :(